Shameless self-promotion: Sorry, I know this doesn't really have it's place on a wiki, but you're such a great community, I'm sure you'll understand. I'm looking for a job or contracts that will make use of my MBA, B. in Comp. Eng. and 6+ years of experience in telecom/wireless - ideally a management position. Willing to relocate to Montreal, Vancouver, U.S., Europe, UAE, HK, etc. Please contact me if you know of any opportunities.

Forums now fully available to anonymous users
Doh! I just realized that anonymous users didn't have permission to create threads in the forums. It's fixed now, I hope it encourages people to use the forums a little more, since they're a great channel for questions and stuff (and it doesn't look like skipper's forums are ever coming back). Registering is still a good idea though, will keep threads less confusing in my opinion.
— animous
14 May 2009 12:17
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Unbricking now possible
To all those who bricked their device, and to all the others who aren't messing as much with it as they would if wasn't for the fear of bricking it.. fear no more, salvation is here! Thanks to the hard work and perseverence of our own community member M*L and the helpfulness of the OEM, there is now a solution. Check it out on the unbricking page and be sure to thank M*L in the comments here.
— animous
22 Apr 2009 18:57
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Pictures of internals

Wondering what the guts of your device look like? Check 'em out in the internals page.
— animous
17 Apr 2009 14:29
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animous's Canada custom icons v0.2

v0.2 is out, check it out! I have a few ideas in mind for a v0.3, but don't hold your breath.. Donations are really welcome. :)

New in this release:
- TRANSPARENCY, baby! This means no more white background behind logos like Canadian Tire.
- Created a Pharmacy category icon
- Lots of rehauled icons

— animous
15 Apr 2009 12:52
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"GAPI device mismatch" fixed
For those who were getting the "GAPI device mismatch", it's been fixed. Get the new file and follow the instructions here.
— animous
08 Apr 2009 15:11
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GAPI is here!!!
Drum roll.. GAPI adaption is done! I tested it and the results are quite pleasing. Performance in iGO is improved. For instructions, head over to the GAPI page. Thanks again to our donators.
— animous
07 Apr 2009 13:51
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