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According to Mr Nobody's post

I have 7.910.9185 working. Unless you're messing around and like testing, its not worth it. Terrible UI and graphics.

Here is a quick guide to get TomTom working.
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1) Have TomTom file which contains the necessary core files.(7.910.9185 for PNA)
2) Copy the files over to the SDMMC\Navigator
3) Run it, and it will complains there is no map found and it will quit and look for iexplorer.exe.
4) On the root of the SD card, a file called ttnavigator.bif is created.
5) Use Notepad to open the file and you will find a line contains UniqueDeviceID.
6) Follow the Easy to use tools instructions to get the map unlock file. e.g:USA_and_Canada-27.meta.dct
7) Latest Map working with TomTom is USA_and_Canada_825_2159.
8) Remember to put the map folder USA_and_Canada on the root of SD card.
9) You are done!
10) Permanently delete the files from your computer and SD card.

Note: If an out of memory error occured, try other builds. WCE50BL is perfered. Also, when choosing a GPS receiver in "Setup Prefereces, GPS Status, Configure", instead of "built-in GPS receiver" choose "Other NMEA GPS receiver", select COM port 1 and port 4800.

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