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iGO 8 User Manual

For more information, consult the iGO 8 User Manual.

Version compatibility

greenlight.png Works.
greenlight.png amigo Works.
greenlight.png Works, but is unusable because volume is stuck at 100% check "Miscellaneous" for fix.
greenlight.png Works perfectly.

Running from SD (recommended)

Buy the PNA version and copy the iGO8 directory to the root of your SD card.
In order to set up the SD card content, you can use this helpful PDF file.

Running from internal flash

If you use the license file called:
It will not do an SD check and you can run iGO8 directly from resident flash without any SD card.

Don't forget to make this change to sys.txt, or you will get the error ""Program application database cannot be found.":



Check out i-go8.com, it has all the skins you'll ever need. Gurjon, diMka/Specter and Ultra are popular ones. Each skin is different, so make sure you follow the instructions included with it.

How to change iGO8 skin?

Download the skin.
Put the zip file you've downloaded into the IGO8/CONTENT/SKIN folder.
Go to: settings -> right arrow -> menu -> skin and activate the skin.
You can put several skin files (ZIP) in the skin folder.

Remove Arrow below Car Icon (when using Skin)

Add this to sys.txt:



Changing the pronunciation of certain words

Credits: toyfountain's post

If there's anything that the GPS says and you're not satisfied with the pronunciation, you can change it. Pronunciations are defined in .lex dictionnary file.

For English, just edit tts_loq/English*.lex. The file is in clear text.

For French, a few more steps are needed: you'll need the file lexconv.exe, google it.

Drag and drop a tts_loq/French*.lex file over lexconv.exe. That'll decrypt the file so you can edit it. For example:

"E"= "este"

Save it and drag and drop it again over lexconv.exe to encrypt it.

English .lex dictionnary file for the lazy: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5E55287E

Stutter free

Credits: kleptodathief's post

Warning, this can lead to garbled rapid manuvers like "*DING* Keep left….BLARG! (some odd sound)….*DING* Keep Right".

Add this to sys.txt:



Force road names

If you want your GPS to say the road names, add this to sys.txt located in the IGO folder:


Load Navteq Q2 maps and Teleatlas POI

Add this to sys.txt:


Speedcams, speed traps and red light cameras

Credits: BB88's post
Speedcam.txt files for the lazy:
Canada: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HHEKLWU6
Full North America: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5GOSB2FT

Credits: toyfountain's post
If you want to set up the location of speedcams, speed traps and red light cameras, use Export2iGO to generate the file at pocketgpsworld.

The location file for Canada's speed traps can be downloaded at gpspassion.

Once the file is generated from .ov2 (tom tom format) to iGO8 format (txt), copy it to the iGO8\content\speedcam folder. Reboot the program and set it up in the menu functions.


animous's Canada Custom icons

customicons_map2.jpg customicons_night.jpg customicons_day.jpg
v0.2 w/ GJ skin (not required) v0.2 night view v0.2 day view

Based on the work of an anonymous reader over at artwork-igo8.blogspot.com, I created some custom icons for Canada.

For this to work, your POIs must be categorized a certain way. If your file content/poi/Canada.poi is 4,739KB, then you should be good.

Download this file, rename to branding.zip and copy over to your igo8 root directory. Do not unzip. Be sure to make a backup of your original branding.zip so you can revert if something goes wrong.

If you like my work, please donate using the Donate button at the top of the sidebar on this page! Thanks. :)
Please don't post a direct link to this file elsewhere.

Why is the file smaller than the original one? Because I removed all resolutions except 320x240.

To see the icons on your map, you can do Menu/Manage/POI/Cafe_Bar/Café/Edit and chose a visibility distance.

As you enable more and more POIs, performance could decrease and certain icons might not be displayed.

Until someone figures out how to edit .poi files, I can't add stuff like St-Hubert and Jean Coutu to make them automatically available.

Known issues:

  • still missing a bunch of icons throughout
  • much more stuff I'm sure :P

If this is in any way illegal, please contact me and I will remove the file.

Adding POIs in KML format

Credits: CharlieP's post
When adding downloaded POIs, such as those from poifriend.com, you'll need to copy the KML file to the following folder:


If the folder doesn't exist, simply create it.

After adding KML files, the first time you start iGO it will take a very long time to load (minutes) while it generates new files. After that loading will be normal.


Volume Fix / Use sound at less than 100%

Credits: Mercury3756's post.

This is for versions >


Route Simulation Speed

Instead of using FlyOver, Add / Modify Sys.txt. (Try 3.0 for 3x the speed.)



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