Troubleshooting / FAQ

I'd like to buy one! Are there any left at the Canadian Tire in … ?

Call for yourself and ask for item #099-1981-04.

Why should I unlock it?

Why not! Crappy navigation software and poor maps come OEM-loaded with the Curtis GPD359. Thankfully, it uses a Windows platform which makes unlocking a user-friendly and feature-rich activity. Unlocking it allows you to load a multitude of better navigation softwares (e.g. TomTom's, Garmin's, i-Go, Mio,..) and expand it into a quasi PDA.

I think I bricked my device! / Stuck at the Curtis blue screen

Credit: kmurray's post
I was stuck at the Curtis blue screen. The YF2Ce.bld fix didn't work as instructed. However, I finally got the thing working again, quite by accident. Here is what I did. Since the YF2Ce didn't work as instructed, I copied it to the residentflash, SDMMC and Windows directory and restarted. This didn't work. In ceregeditor, I noticed an option under 'Tools' for 'reset', even though I had used the reset button on the side of the device, I tried it. Boing! It worked.

The time is incorrect after restarting

This is normal and there is no fix. Once the GPS has connected to a valid signal, the proper date and time will be displayed.

Video playback is slowish

Re-encode your video to 320x240 using PocketDivXEncoder or Handbrake.
For playback, use HPC Media player, TCPMP or Core player.

Why is the video playback scrambled in Core player?

You need to set the video driver. Options -> Video -> Video Driver -> (Raw FrameBuffer or GDI)

My computer freezes when I initially connect my unit to Microsoft Active Sync?

This can happen when you have done more than one unlock on the same PC.
1) Make sure you charge the GPS for at least 30mins before connecting it to the PC.
2) Tap System->Tap Sys Info->Tap USB (bottom left)->MS Activesync
BACK (Reboot)
3) Tap System->Tap Sys Info->Tap USB (bottom left)->USB
BACK (Reboot)
4) Tap System->Tap Sys Info->Tap USB (bottom left)->MS Activesync
BACK (Reboot)
5) Now connect it with your stock usb cable and it should work.

How can I safely remove the Curtis pre-installed maps & navigation software safely so I can free up space?

First make sure that you have installed another complete navigation software, e.g. iGo + iGo maps, and linked up to it successfully. Then, with your GPS attached to your computer, find the "map" folder on the resident flash of your Curtis and delete that directory. WARNING: If for any reason your replacement software and maps fail on you, you're left without the backup of the Sygic maps. An alternative could be to just purchase a higher capacity SDHC card and make the 2GB's of Sygic related software less relevant.

Where's the stylus?

Stored in the bottom left corner when looking at the back of the unit.

I can't attach the device to the support.

First remove the unit from the black plastic holder. Attach the holder to the support's "arm". Now you can slide in the device!

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