Sd Cards

Getting data on SD

The fastest way is through a card reader. Activesync is mighty slow.


If your SD card isn't recognized or won't boot in the GPD359, you may need to format it. The Kingston 8GB SDHC Class 6 cards from is one of those.

Format it in the unit:

  1. SHELL.INI change to windows\explorer.exe
  2. Control panel -> Storage manager
  3. Delete all partitions on your SDHC
  4. Create new partitions + format
  5. Dump data on to card
  6. ENJOY!

Best picks

Kingston (4GB High Capacity SD Memory Card SDHC) works very well.
Patriot (16GB High Capacity SD Memory Card SDHC) works very well.
LeXar (8GB SDHC C2) great and cheap! only $17.98 @ WalMart and $69.99 @ Staples. As real Redflagger that translates to $12.79 after PM
LeXar (4GB SDHC C4) great and fater sometimes on Sale for $14.98
Sandisk Ultra 2 (8GB SDHC C4) fabulous, $29.92 @ Staples and includes a Cardreader (# 733715) …
Kodak (2GB SD) works but it's slow as Hell (to copy to! the Software runs great on the Curtis) since no HCSpeed…
LeXar (2GB SD) same as Kodak but usualy on sale for under $9 ….

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