What you get, out of the box


CPU Centrality AT642D 372Mhz
Touchscreen 3.5" TFT
Resolution 320x240
OS Windows CE 5.0
Sound Built-in speaker + 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack
Battery 1000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion

All this for 47.99$CAN at Canadian Tires (item 099-1981-04)? Nice! The device plays MP3 and divx out of the box.


There are different versions of this Curtis GPS.

With internal flash

This unit has 2GB of internal flash. It doesn't come with an SD card (although it does have an SD slot).

In Settings/System Info you'll see a line that begins with MLC.

Without internal flash

This unit doesn't have internal flash. It comes with an SD card, where the stock software is stored.

Chinese version

The Coship CPND-3505A is probably the original GPS that Curtis rebranded.

YF International also has the 66C-2 which looks identical to the GPD359.

File system


Contains the stock GPS software.
Contains the stock UI and utilities.
Appears to be a backup of the registry hives.

Directories worth noting

The SD card.
/My Documents
If you have two of these, one of them is the SD card.

Stock software

stock_main.bmp stock_media.bmp stock_sygic.png

Program locations

Sygic GPS /ResidentFlash/Coship Navi/Drive/Drive.exe
video /residentflash2/YFAP20/mp4.exe
music /residentflash2/YFAP20/mp3.exe
photo /residentflash2/YFAP20/photo.exe
ebook /residentflash2/YFAP20/ebook.exe

GPS Software

The unit comes with Sygic DRIVE version 7.6.080820 | Build 0/1398 D.
The maps are TeleAtlas, version 7.54.

Disabling the "Accept screen"

Credit: toyfountain's post

- Plug the USB from your Curtis GPS to your computer and choose the manual method to connect with ActiveSync
- You can click on "Explore" in the ActiveSync GUI or click on the "Mobile Device" drive located in "My Computer"
- Go to the folder \ResidentFlash\Coship Navi\DRIVE
- Copy the file "Settings.ini" to your computer in order to edit
- Once it's copied, open it with Notepad and :

modify this line from:

;if you dont want to show safety message box at the start


;if you dont want to show safety message box at the start

Save the file and overwrite the old one located in \ResidentFlash\Coship Navi\DRIVE

If you wish to re-activate the "Accept Screen", follow the same procedure but place a false value instead.

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