removing the screws
Remove the four screws.

disconnecting the speakers cable
Carefully disconnect the speakers cable.

back case removed
The back side removed. Visible are the speakers and the casing for the stylus.

main pcb
Front side.

main pcb mask
1 Power button
2 GPS antenna
3 Reset button
4 Battery Li-poly, 1100 mAh, 3.7V
5 PM39LV512-70VCE PMC Sierra 512Kbit CMOS flash memory
6 Headphone jack
7 Battery connector
8 Speakers connector
9 TFT connector
10 Mini-USB jack

backside of the pcb
Be extra super careful if you do this. You have to slightly bend the case and push the mini-usb connection out of the socket without tearing the extremly fragile LCD cable. Then just flip the PCB board over. The reward is close to none, since all the chips are covered (to limit interference with the GPS I suppose).

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