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What is GAPI?

From the website:

While DirectX was not available to game developers for the Pocket PC platform, Microsoft created a game API especially for the Pocket PC named "GAPI" — the game application programming interface. It allows direct and fast access to the display memory.
Unfortunately Microsoft has forgotten the Handheld PC / Windows CE users.
GAPI for HPC's is an binary and sourcecode compatible version for Windows CE based devices.

GAPI is included with miopocket or can be downloaded and installed separately.

Why use GAPI?

According to the developer, significant performance gains (up to 1000%) can be expected with applications that use GAPI. For the list of supported applications, check the GAPI website.

iGO is one of the supported applications and can benefit from GAPI in the form of better framerate (smoother graphics) and even better TTS!


Initally there was no native support for the GPD359. The one-time cost for adaptation was 10EUR and was raised through members of this community.

To cover the 10EUR fee, I've set up an account for donations through PayPal. Just click on the link next to the "Donate" button. 2.9% + .30$CAN and currency conversion fees go to PayPal.

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Once you're in PayPal, you should see the donation going to gpd359.wikidot@gmail.

Thanks for your support.

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Hall of Donators

Thank you to Pascal Arcand, Michael Li, Glenn Ward, Mike Williams, and 5-6 other donators who prefered to remain anonymous. This wouldn't have been possible without them.

How to install GAPI

Out of respect for the donators, please do not host the file somewhere else or post direct links to it.



filesize: 48KB

Installing GAPI is easy. Follow the three step process.

Step 1

You have miopocket

  1. Go to \SDMMC\MioAutoRun\Programs\GAPI for HPCs
  2. Rename gx.dll to gx.dll.bak.
  3. Rename gx_hpc.ini to gx_hpc.ini.bak.
  4. Go to \SDMMC\MioAutoRun\System.

Note: You should have only one copy of GX.dll and it should be in only one place, and it's in the System directory. It is used system wide and by all apps that can use it. Any other stale GX.dll could interfere. You should delete the ones in the iGO directory, GAPI directory, etc. if you had them.

You don't have miopocket

Go to the directory of the program you want to use GAPI with (eg: iGO, Media Player, Doom, etc.). Until someone codes a utility that copies gx.dll and gx_hpc.ini to the \windows directory of the device on every boot (hint, hint), you're going to have to do Step 2 and 3 for every single program that uses GAPI.

Step 2

  1. Rename gx.dll to gx.dll.bak, if there is one.
  2. Copy the new GX.dll to this directory.

Step 3

  1. Download the appropriate version of GX_HPC_X.ini from below and rename the file to GX_HPC.ini
  2. Copy GX_HPC.INI to the same directory as in Step 2.

You have YFGo2CE.bld in the root of your SD card and you don't load shell.exe



filesize: 1KB

You don't have YFGo2CE.bld and/or you load shell.exe



filesize: 1KB

If neither of the above work



filesize: 1KB

Configuring iGO

Credits tempest69's post.

If you're not using miopocket, copy GX.dll to the root of your iGO directory. If you're using miopocket, don't copy the file, if you followed the steps above the one from the System directory will automatically be used.

Add this to sys.txt:


If it worked, you should see the GAPI splash screen for a second before iGO is launched.

Configuring Media Player

Options/Video/Video Drivers/GAPI

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