Why install BBmenu?

It doesn't require changing the registry, thus safer than miopocket. Make a directory for it either in \ResidentFlash or \SDMMC, and edit the .ini files in \Menuini to point to whatever programs you want it to load.

You can change the Shell.ini file to point to BBMenu.exe so it loads when you click on the Navigation icon in the stock YFShell.

If the above does not work I suggest you install BBmenu and all of the folders in the RAR into the ROOT of your SD card. When I tried to install it into a BBmenu folder on the SDcard it didn't work when I launched it. Works now when it is in the root.

Instructions on installing bbMENU

The beauty of bbMENU is that it gives you a nice menu structure without editing your registry. The downside is that without editing your registry you cannot boot directly into bbMENU. You can, however, run bbMENU simply by pressing the "Navigation" button from your main Curtis menu.

display1i.jpg display2.jpg

I will explain how to set up bbMENU to run from your SD card. To load it from the "Navigation" button, you will need to edit the shell.ini file on your Curtis GPS to:

\residentflash\customLaunch.exe (you can find directions on how to do this elsewhere in this wiki).

The files you need

To get started, download the following to your hard drive:

Once you have extracted the files, you will need to copy the following files to \residentflash (the same location as your shell.ini file):


Then, in the root of your SD card you will need to copy the following:

A folder called "Icons"
A folder called "MenuIni"
A folder called "APPS"
A folder called "GAMES"

Ready made menus



The original. Other versions as well as other ones can be found from gpsmodding.



Get it directly here.


Contributed by a member of our community. Words from the author: "it is more GPS program focused and should be easier to use. [..] If anything, people can use some of the icons I've created. Check the readme for more details."

Updated April 16: Added Main page 2x3 layout and 10 mirrors. Please PM me on RFD if you need more.

Download from here

I used the USA professional image WM 6 emulator from here for testing.

Editing the menu structure

In the folder "MenuIni" will be two files…Main.ini and Page2.ini. These are the files that determine the layout for your menus. You can edit these files using a text editor like Notepad.

The layout for your menu can be thought of as a grid. You can have one icon in each square of the grid. The x and y coordinates of the squares are shown below:


Determine what icon you want in each location, and edit the Main.ini and Page2.ini accordingly. Each icon is listed like this:

x = 168
y = 8
Command = \residentflash2\YFAP20\mp3.exe
SizeNormal = 64
SizePushed = 64
ScaleAlpha = 100
IconNormal = \SDMMC\Icons\mp3.ico
ScaleAlpha = 80
IconPushed = \SDMMC\Icons\mp3.ico

The line "Command" is the application that you want the icon to link to. In this case, the application is the built-in mp3 player on the Curtis GPS unit. You can change that path to your SD card if that's where you have your application. The path would change to:

Command = \SDMMC\xxxx (where xxxx is your subfolder)

The lines "IconNormal" and "IconPushed" are the .ico buttons in your menu. These commands specify the path so that bbMENU knows where to find your icons (this is the folder "Icons" that you copied to the root of your SD card).

I made sure my icons were all 64 pixels x 64 pixels. You can experiment with different sizes, but this is a good, nice-looking size.

If you want new icons, Google is your friend. One of my preferred sites for cool icons is

I didn't care to label my icons, but you can do so if you wish. You will need to add (and edit accordingly) the following code for each icon listed in Main.ini and Page2.ini:

x = 88 (this will change based on your column)
y = 61 (this will change based on your row)
Text = SKETCH (this is the text you would like displayed under the icon)
Size = 18
Weight = 700
Color = FFFFFF
FrameColor = 000000

Remember, you will need an instance of that code for every icon that you want to label.

Feel free to edit the menu structure to suit your needs. I plan to add more apps and games to mine, so I'll likely need one or two more screens. There are extra apps and games in the included folders. I didn't use them all in my menu but they are there if you want them.

Good luck as you create your own menu. I am by no means an expert on anything you've read here, so much thanks go out to my fellow RFD community members who have guided me along the way.

Where to get icons

Check out

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